Month: May 2016

Holiday Flix: Zone Troopers

The greatest generation, huh?  Today’s Film is Zone Troopers, a 1985 Sci-Fi Film set in WWII.  From the man who brought us Trancers and helped run THQ into the ground, a Movie about Aliens, Nazis and Tim Thomerson.  If you can’t trust the man who once called the Wii ‘a Monopoly Box,’ who can you […]

New Flix: Southbound (2015)

Since I already live in the South, I’d basically just be going to Cuba!  Today’s Film is Southbound, a 2015 Horror Anthology Film with a bit of a different edge to it.  Instead of just a Framing Device and some closure at the end- like Vault of Horror or Tales from the Crypt– this one […]

Lock Me Up!: Zoombies (2016)

Suck it, Spell Check!  Today’s Film is Zoombies, an Asylum Film from this year.  The Plot: Zombie Zoo Animals.  Need I say more?  Probably not, right?  Zombie Zoo Animals- who’d think of such a thing?  Oh right- Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2…in 2004.  To be fair, it isn’t a *commonly-used* idea.  Also in the interest […]