Month: February 2016

Quick Reviews: The Revenant

Well, the Film finally got DiCaprio the Oscar he’s craved for years.  Is it any good though? In the Wilderness, life is rough.  The Natives don’t like you, the land is tough and… The Bears! Seriously, that Bear is a real bitch! When our Hero is injured severely, his second-in-command (Tom Hardy) eventually finds a […]

Quick Reviews: Extraordinary Tales

For a man that only lived to be about 40, Edgar Allen Poe influenced so many.  Take, for example, this Animated Collection of Shorts based on his Stories… The big thing here: the people that did the Narration. Of note, the now-late Christopher Lee, the much-less-recently-late Bela Lugosi and hopefully-not-late-for-a-long-time Guillermo Del Toro. I’ll spare […]

A Danish Girl: Room 205

What is Danish for ‘eh, it’s alright?’  Today’s Film is Room 205, a 2007 Horror Film from Denmark.  The Film tells the tale of some young people in the titular Room.  Besides roommates, they also have ghosts!  This is all pretty familiar stuff.  In fact, it is so familiar that I thought there might be […]

New Shorts: World of Tomorrow

This is the shortest thing I’ve reviewed that wasn’t a Segment on Twilight Zone.  World of Tomorrow is only 16 minutes long, but it is glorious.  From the crazy mind of Don Hertzfeldt comes this Short… A young girl goes up to her TV Console.  What comes next is anything but what she expected… She […]