Month: January 2016

Quick Reviews: Rotor DR-1

I have no problem going into a Film blind.  Sometimes, however, a Film is just…well, not interesting.  For example… In a bleak future, a vague disease has led to the death of millions.  Not so fun. Aside from a small number of people, the biggest survivors: Drones. Our Hero- a young man searching for his […]

Quick Review: Pixels (2015)

Adam Sandler.  The name alone makes me groan.  Even so, I finally watched this one (via Netflix), so let’s see how it turned out… The World is threatened by a brand new kind of evil… Even scarier than the Atari port of Pac-Man- a giant, ‘real’ version! With this and other threats on the rise, […]

Rare Flix: Rubin & Ed

The original Napoleon Dynamite.  Today’s Film is Rubin & Ed, a 1991 Film Starring Crispin Glover.  It is not that well-known, but it sure is weird!  The Story is about two men- guess their names- who have nothing in common, but find a bond between them.  Actually, they don’t like each other one bit.  Regardless, […]