Month: October 2015

Holiday Flix: Tales of Halloween

Put on your suits and your copyright-free George Romero Films, everyone!  Today’s Film is Tales of Halloween, a Short Film Compilation for this Season we’re in.  What a coincidence!  This Film comes to you from a whole number of Directors- some of whom are pretty notable.  This is an Anthology Film with a super-loose structure […]

New Flix: Deathgasm

Loud, proud and dumb.  Today’s Film is Deathgasm and…need I say anymore?  I mean, I’m going to, but…do I need to?  This New Zealand-based Comedy is in the vein of Rock & Roll Nightmare, Black Roses and…well, every John Fasano Film of note.  By the way, Fasano apparently still has a Film in Pre-Production…despite him […]

New Flix: Re-Kill

Zombies!  Shooting!  More Zombies!  That’s pretty much this Movie.  Today’s Film is Re-Kill, a 2015 Horror-Action Film.  From the Director of Wrong Turn 6 and the Writer of Route 6 comes…about what you’d expect.  You shouldn’t judge the two of them by just two Films they worked on.  They also gave us House of the […]

New Flix: Cooties (2014)

This is the kind of thing that you want to catch.  Sorry, I had to get that joke out of the way.  Today’s Film is Cooties, a 2014 Indie Film that is just now making the rounds.  The Film tells the Story of a strange disease that infects a bunch of children.  The result: Zombie(like) […]

Rare Flix: Project Metalbeast

Aw man, this is the shit.  It is mostly shit- but you have to love it!  Today’s Film is Project Metalbeast, a 1995 Horror-Action Film.  Where do I begin?  ‘Brad’ makes a bullet-proof Werewolf.  Oh right- that explains it.  Around the time that the Howling Films were still profitable (jokes), stuff like this got made. […]