Month: August 2015

Recent Flix: Monsters (2010)

Should I blame this one for boring mess that it led to?  Today’s Film is Monsters, the 2010 Movie that eventually led to its Director being given Godzilla.  That 2014 Film was all sorts of wrong and disappointing.  For all of its massive Budget, it kept cutting away from what you paid to see.  Is […]

New Flix: Harbinger Down (2015)

Is this a triumph of Practical over Computer?  Today’s Film is Harbinger Down, a 2015 Sci-Fi Action Film.  It was pushed and funded via Kickstarter as a pushback to the dramatic (over?)use of CG in Films.  To that end, Practical Effects Producer Alec Gillis- who worked with Stan Winston!- put together a Film with ZERO […]

Quick Reviews: Insomnia (1997)

Before I get to Christopher Nolan’s 2002 Version of Insomnia, let’s check out the 1997 Version from Norway… Stellan Skarsgard Stars as a Detective sent to Norway to investigate a Murder. Let’s get to this irony: Stellan has a recurring Role in Marvel Films, while Nolan would make Billions for DC as a Batman Director. […]