Month: May 2015

Twin Piqued: Lonely Souls

It gets super-crazy this Saturday in the lovely town of… In this Episode, a big truth is revealed and all sorts of weird stuff goes down… Important Moment – Leo is still mostly-comatose, but his random exclamations lead James to find a cassette tape hidden in a boot heel! – While Lynch leaves (aw!), the […]

Holiday Flix: Roughnecks (Starship Troopers Chronicles)- The Pluto Incident

Here’s a blast from the recent past.  Before they were making CG Films for the DVD Market, the folks behind Starship Troopers made…a Cartoon Show?  Yeah, weird choice.  After a Mortal Kombat Cartoon (Kartoon?), I guess anything goes.  Roughnecks was the continuation of the Story before we got either Direct-to-DVD Live-Action Sequel or the CG […]

Screener Flix: Horsehead

This one is…just kind of odd for the sake of being odd.  Today’s Film is Horsehead, a Film about…wait- do I need to explain this?  Is there an explanation that would do?  I’ll try.  This is about a young lady having weird dreams.  That’s about it.  This is probably one of those rare cases where […]

Twin Piqued: Demons

Another Saturday and another day in that kooky town of.. In this Episode, some Stories seem to end…but it can’t be that simple.  Certainly not in this Town… Important Stuff – Leo is all set up at home (Hi, Ian Abercrombie!), but his payout is only $700!  The pair throw a sarcastic Party all the […]

Buy the DVD!: Suspiria

No Segment is dead!  Sometimes they are just sleeping…for a real long time. As if you need a reason to own Suspiria (unless you’re an Irish know-nothing), here’s one.  Look under Languages-Audio Setup… What is a THX Optimizer?  Why do I have like 200 DVDs and only one with this? One part runs a Test […]