Month: February 2015

Twin Piqued: Traces to Nowhere

As it is Saturday, let’s continue to unravel the Mystery of… Now passed the intro Film (which was stand alone in some Countries!), we can explore further in… Now staying in Town for the Investigation, Agent Cooper continues to narrate to Diane (who must have about 8,000,001 hours of him musing on tape by now) […]

Rare Flix: The Black Gestapo

I am going to end up all sorts of weird Search Results now.  Today’s Film is The Black Gestapo, a Film about…well…you know.  Actually, you don’t.  This one is not exactly how it is advertised.  It is about Black Militants, but it is set in the Present (of the 1970s) and not in Germany.  It […]

Help Some Guys Out: Rifftrax’s 2015 Kickstarter

I’m a little late on this, but it is still worth covering.  We’ll do it live! Rifftrax announced a foursome of Live Shows for 2015!  They are some of the worst of the worst. * The Room * Miami Connection * Sharknado 2 * Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny The official page is here: […]

New Crap: See No Evil 2

I kind of saw this coming.  A couple years ago, I finally saw Kane’s debut Film- See No Evil.  It wasn’t great, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the guy.  He’s always been one of those guys who is talented, but always tended to get the shaft as far as good Stories went. […]

Twin Piqued: Pilot

It is Saturday, so it is time for us to take another trip to… That’s right- I’m starting something brand new for the Saturday Series.  So I guess it is our first trip. In the Pilot, a small Town is rocked by the death of a young girl…and what follows. ***** This is Laura Palmer. […]