Month: January 2015

Zoned Out: Examination Day

After last week’s silly Segment, let’s take a more dark trip to… In this Segment, a test in the future proves to be quite serious… It is this kid’s birthday!  Congratulations, buddy! He lives in the very Blade Runner-looking future. Tomorrow, he is going to be eligible to take a test to determine his place […]

Recent Flix: Tusk (2014)

At long last, I cover a new Kevin Smith Film.  I’ve missed his last few- everything since Clerks 2-, so I was overdue.  I will get around to Red State later.  In the meantime, here is his latest work.  Inspired by a Podcast (much like Citizen Kane), the Film is Tusk.  The Plot is simple: […]

Zoned Out: Act Break

On this Saturday, let’s find out the answer to an age-old mystery courtesy of… In this Tale, a man gets a wish in a weird way.  The only thing weirder is what happens next! Our Hero- the guy on the left- is a poor Playwright pestered for rent by Mario here. He goes home and […]