Month: December 2014

Quick Reviews: Rough Magik

Is Lovecraft finally being done justice on the small screen?  Today’s Film is Rough Magik, although it is not really a Film.  It is actually the Pilot for a BBC Show…that never got made.  Been there, done that.  This is an extra level of obscurity though, as it is kind of hidden as part of […]

Zoned Out: Night of the Meek

Another week brings us one last celebration of Christmas right out of… In this updated Version of a classic Zone tale, two men learn the spirit of Christmas via vague magic. In the Story, a boss at a big chain Clothing Store (William Atherton aka the older version of William Zabka) is having some issues. […]

Horror Shorts: From Beyond

Even more obscure than the Stuart Gordon Film, there is this one.  Bundled with 3 other Shorts and a more-full Feature (around 45 minutes), this one made me curious.  After all, I’ve seen From Beyond done on a bigger budget, so how would this turn out.  In the Story, a man is presented with a […]

Indy Flix: Morbid (2014)

A low-budget Horror Flick that is good…but not all there.  Today’s Film is Morbid, a Film given to me via an associate on Facebook.  He’s in the midst of trying to get his Film some Distribution, so let’s see if I can help.  Morbid is the tale of a masked Killer taking out people in […]