Month: August 2014

Rare Flix: Tragic Ceremony

Front-loading my Netflix Queue with the Long Wait and Very Long Wait films proved to net some interesting results.  Today’s film is Tragic Ceremony, a fairly-obscure Italian film with some notable people working on it.  This 1972 film tells the tale of some youths that get pushed towards a creepy house and discover a dark […]

Project Terrible: 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Craig Moss is a name that many of you probably don’t know.  I envy you.   He is behind a series of films that I will henceforth refer to as ‘Other Movies Exist’ Cinema.  They are Parody Films that just kind of show you stuff from other films and expect you to laugh.  Someone dressed […]

Indie Flix: Dr. Liebenstein

Well, it was free.  Today’s film is Dr. Liebenstein, which happens to be my first real Screener.  I’ve gotten a few ‘here’s a link to my film on Vimeo’ invites on occasion, but this was a real Disc and everything.  The film is the work of one Erik Karl, who is also the Lead.  I […]