Month: July 2014

Good Flix: The Host (2006)

Damn you, Stephanie Meyer.  Today’s films is the South Korean Horror/Thriller called The Host.  Thanks to that apparently-bad book and film adaptation of the same name by the Author of the ‘Twilight’ books, I now have to *specify* if I’m talking about THIS film and not her’s.  Bitch.  Anyhow, this Host is one of my […]

Good Flix: Puncture (2011)

Would you hire this man to be your Lawyer?  Today’s film is Puncture, a 2011 Drama Starring Chris Evans.  Why?  Well, Evans also plays a dramatic role in Snowpiercer and I can’t see that film yet.  On top of that, my Parents bought it from a Blockbuster that was closing.  To make a long story […]

He’s Dead, Jim!: Goldeneye

Another new segment- why not? He’s Dead, Jim! is all about the most ridiculous and/or overkill deaths in Cinema History.  I will also feature ones that stand out for their inexplicably-painful nature.  Why not start with one of the most famous ones? In Goldeneye, Bond must battle Alec (the less cool one), who is trying […]