Month: April 2014

Blatantly-Misleading AND Lost in Translation Cover Art: From Dusk to Desert

Danny Trejo is a working Actor.  He’ll do anything. Seriously, if you can throw together $10,000, he’ll appear in your School’s Play!  I hear that he’s great as Mercutio. You think I’m joking, but consider On Bloody Sunday.  Speaking of Low-Budget Films, here is another… Looks simple enough and not worth mentioning.  However, this film […]

Bunny Fun: The Nasty Rabbit

I skipped a Horror Film this time, but still ended up with something scary.  Today’s film is The Nasty Rabbit, a film released on DVD by Alpha Video.  Now you’re saying to yourself ‘Why mention who released the DVD?’  Well, you see, Alpha and I have a…unique relationship.  The short version: they release any old […]