Month: March 2014

WTF Japan?!?: Sukeban Boy

Before there was a Machine, there was a Boy.  Today’s film is Sukeban Boy, one of the earliest films of one my favorite, insane Directors.  He brought us Machine Girl.  He brought us Robo-Geisha.  He also brought us the visionary insanity of Dead Sushi.  Noboru Iguchi is just plain crazy.  I’m not complaining, mind you- […]

Rare Flix: First Action Hero

Yeah, this is a thing.  Unfortunately, it is not nearly as interesting as it sounds.  Today’s film is First Action Hero, an Italian Import that I discovered on a cheap $1 DVD in an Independently-Owned Convenience Store.  I saw the title and thought ‘This was a thing?  I have to see this.’  Fortunately or unfortunately, […]

Project Ennui: Generation Um…

Let’s close this Round out with a…*yawn* bang…or whatever. Wow.  This is just…wow.  Today’s film is Generation Um…, a film about…nothing.  Sorry, Seinfeld!  This film is just…well, I have very little to say.  I will try to pad this out to look respectable though.  If I could condense the film down to two words, it […]