Month: December 2013

Blow in the New Year: Virus

You just have to love a film that its own Star thinks is shit!  Today’s film is Virus, a 1999 film Starring Jamie Lee Curtis.  It’s gotten a bit of notoriety thanks to Curtis talking about how she brought it to a party for Rob Reiner.  The guests were asked to bring embarassing/funny moments from […]

Rare Flix: Young Sherlock Holmes

How did this one get to be so obscure?  Big name Director- check.  Big name Writer- Check.  Big time Movie Producer- big time Check!  The Director- Barry Levinson.  The Writer- Christopher Columbus.  The Producer- Steven Spielberg.  So what happened?  Today’s film is Young Sherlock Holmes, a film that was clearly meant to lead to more. […]

Winter Sucks: Frostbitten

Welcome to Lapland- zone of evil!  Today’s film is Frostbitten, a Horror Movie from Finland.  I came across this film in kind of a weird, roundabout way.  Basically, I read about it on the IMDB Page for Lost Boys: The Thirst, since a major plot point from this film is pretty much stolen by that […]

A Post-Christmas Message

Christmas has now come and gone.  Was it good for you? It is at this time that I feel the need to point out something for you to remember: while Santa may look nice and friendly… He’s not. If you’re a bad boy or girl, he will track you down and find you! He can […]

Fred Oh-Lord Ray: Air Rage

I guess it’s a step above Rage in a Cage.  Today’s film is Air Rage, a lovely bit of DTV Action from Fred Olen Ray.  He sure makes a lot of this shit!  The film was a *steal* at $2.99.  Thanks, Action Clearance Section at Moviestop!  The film is an amazing exercise in just how […]