Month: November 2013

New (Old) Crap?: Gallowwalkers

Let’s make an Art Film!  Let’s make a Western!  Let’s make a Horror Film!  Actually, let’s just do ALL of those.  Today’s film is Gallowwalkers, a film that has been long-delayed in coming to the United States.  Well, it’s all a matter of money.  Specifically, it was a matter of Wesley Snipes’ money.  While I […]

Project Terrible: Creep Van

If you aren’t making me laugh (intentionally), then you are not a Comedy.  If you are not scary, you are not a Horror Film.  If you do neither, then you are Creep Van.  What are you exactly?  The film is a recent release that has found its way onto Streaming Pay-Sites such as Netflix, hence […]

’80s Cult Fun: They Live

It’s amazing how a topical film from around 25 years ago still feels topical today.  Today’s film is They Live, a movie that I’ve seen before.  Why am I finally reviewing it then?  Well, the film has gotten more play in the last year with a new DVD/Blu-Ray release and a series of jokes in […]

Buy the DVD!: They Live

It has been a long time since this feature showed up.  That tends to happen alot here. It’s back, however, with a nice look at the *previous* DVD available for They Live. As part of that, ‘let’s re-sell older (but mostly good) movies’ trend recently (not counting Blu-Ray exporting), we’ve gotten a new DVD for […]