Month: September 2013

Forgotten Toons: Freakazoid

I love this weird stuff!  Freakazoid was the third show produced under the supervision of Steven Spielberg.  It followed in the ‘footsteps’ of Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs.  To give you an idea of how little appreciation is thrown towards this show, the latter two are currently running in Syndication on the HUB Network, a […]

Unholy Comedy: Rapture-Palooza

Is it still sacrilegious if it’s funny?  Well, yeah.  Even so, this movie is kind of both.  Today’s film is Rapture-Palooza, an Indy film that has a lot of good Comedians in it.  The plot is pretty much designed to offend those who can’t take a joke.  The Rapture happens, leading to the Anti-Christ taking […]