Month: August 2013

Rip-Off Cinema: Gangster World

Before J.J. Abrams gets his hands on this (topical!), let’s see what some hack did in 1998.  It is time to visit Gangster World!  We’ve got the Director of…well, just this movie.  We’ve got the Writer of Mercenary (never heard of it).  We’ve also got the Writer of The Nutty Professor (the Animated one from […]

Millennial Crap: They Crawl

Bugs, my god.  Today’s film is They Crawl, yet another film I discovered under dubious circumstances.  Given how I found out about it, there was no way that I was going to love it.  What’s the story?  Well, this DTV film is made up of lots of Stock Footage.  Yes, this 2002 film uses Stock […]

#4 With Giant Animal: Croczilla

I would just stick to films about people flipping and kicking, China.  Not to offend the country that will one day control us, but I have to talk about Croczilla.  The first person to actually lash out is the U.S. Distributor of the film.  The movie was actually called The Million-Dollar Crocodile (translated into English, […]

G. Gordon, Stuart: Fortress

All locked up and nowhere to go.  Today’s film is Fortress, a long-forgotten Sci-Fi film.  How can it be so forgotten though?  It’s got Christopher Lambert- he was in one respectable Highlander film!  It’s got Jeffrey Combs- he was in two good Re-Animator films!  It’s got Vernon Wells- he was in The Drawn Together Movie- […]