Month: June 2013

Rare Flix: Ghost Chase

G-g-g-g-gosh, this is not that good.  Today’s film is Ghost Chase, one of the first (English) films of one Roland Emmerich.  Yes, before he was blowing up the White House (at least twice!) and ending the world as we know it, he was making pseudo-E.T. rip-offs.  Unlike other films like Mac and Me or Nukie, […]

#4 With Opera: The Phantom Lover

The Music of the Night apparently translates into Mandarin!  Today’s film is The Phantom Lover, yet another version of The Phantom of the Opera.  People must really see something in this story!  In the last four years, I’ve covered a few different versions of the tale, including one by Dario Argento, one with Robert Englund, […]

Turning Korean: A*P*E

I just had to see this thing again.  To many people, A*P*E is the Plan 9 of Giant Ape Films.  Is that accurate though?  In a lot of good ways, I’d say ‘yes.’  Plan 9 From Outer Space is hysterical, even if its supposed to be a serious space epic.  In fact, that’s what makes […]

Rare Flix: Shocker

The fact that I got an actual DVD Transfer puts it ahead of Deadly Blessing right away!  Today’s film is Shocker, a film that shows that Wes Craven only has so many ideas.  Well, that or the Studio System won’t let him do anything all that new too often.  Given that we’re looking at a […]

Burning Rubber: Wrong

I don’t want to be right.  Today’s film is Wrong.  Is it?  No.  Is it weird?  Yes.  Unlike some other Austrian’s I know- who will remain Maynard…I mean, nameless-, I thought this movie was very interesting.  I love Rubber– both the material and the film.  This is certainly an odd one.  In many ways, it […]