Month: February 2013

Lock Me Up!: SuperCroc

While technical issues have delayed the Raptor review, I can still dig into some Asylum crap!  I bought this movie a while ago in the ‘Please Buy This and Take It Off of Our Hands’ Section in MovieStop.  This makes it the only Asylum film that I own.  Will that change in the future?  Possibly, […]

New Crap?: Black Cobra (2012)

The best Black Cobra film ever made…not that that’s saying a lot.  This South African film shares the same title as a trio of bad Action films starring Fred “The Hammer” Williamson back in the late-80s.  If you missed the films- and my reviews- here’s the short version: it’s an Italian rip-off of Cobra, but […]

Rare Flix: Carnosaur 3

The third time is…about the same as the second one.  It’s fun to play with cliches right?  Anyhow, today’s film is Carnosaur 3, the only Carnosaur film that I can’t find on DVD or Streaming, at least officially.  I won’t say where I found it- to help preserve the source-, but it’s not from Netflix. […]