Month: December 2012

Project Terrible: Rounds 1-10

Round 1 1. The Capture of Bigfoot (I Like Horror Movies): 2. Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (Mondo Bizarro): 3. Jaws of Satan (I Like Horror Movies): 4. Revenge of the Star Creatures (Confessions of a Film Phillistine): 5. Beware! Children at Play! (Mondo Bizarro): 6. Zombie Campout (Mondo Bizarro):  7. Slices (Mondo Bizarro): […]

TV Deathmas: Breakaway

Everything that is old is new again…but also old.  Today’s film is Breakaway, another film that I’ve been sitting on for months.  I discovered it while collecting films for Dean Cain Week, but avoided it for obvious reasons.  Now tis the season to rip it a new one.  The film’s plot is essentially Die Hard. […]

Announcements!: Project Asylum and Project Terrible: Round 9

Are you ready for a double dose of Terrible? In a bit of twist, we’re having a more free-form version of Project Terrible called Project Asylum. It’s simple- pick some Asylum films and review them.  No assignments here. I will update this post as the links come in, so keep an eye out. 3 Musketeers: […]