Month: November 2012

’80s Horror: Night of Death!

Who says that the French are always classy?  Today’s film is Night of Death, another film that finally escaped the limbo that it is my Queue.  After so many weird and incomprehensible Jean Rollin films, I was wary.  Plus, The Night of the Hunted didn’t help either.  Future Project Terrible material perhaps?  This film is […]

Turkey Dei: The White Buffalo

If at first you don’t succeed, make the same movie again.  Today’s film is The White Buffalo, a film that is surprisingly-hard to track down.  It represents a series of historical footnotes, yet has no mainstream DVD release via Netflix.  Before I get ahead of myself, what is this movie?  It’s Jaws.  Two years after […]

Gamer Films: Halo Legends

A Halo goes round and round.  Today’s film is Halo Legends, a film that I’ve put off watching for a long time.  Why?  Well, I can break it down into a series of facts.  One- I’m not a huge fan of the game series.  I’ve played them all to some extent, but I’m not really […]