Month: October 2012

WTF Korea?!?: Chawz

* Well, it’s a Sunday update for once.  Take the good with the bad. * It’s the South Korean version of Razorback!  Today’s film is Chawz, a movie I’m still trying to figure out.  Is it a Horror film?  Given the body count and story, I’d say ‘yes.’  Is it a Comedy?  Well, we have […]

Mario Party Jr: Macabre

Can the son ever be as good as the father?  Obviously in my case, the answer is ‘yes.’  Self-boasting aside, let’s look at today’s film Macabre.  It’s the debut film of Lamberto Bava, although even he admits its origin is sketchy.  As he says in an Interview on the DVD- thanks, Anchor Bay-, him and […]