Month: July 2012

Adrian Paul Week: Eyeborgs

Are you paranoid if an army of robot cameras is out to get you.  Today’s film is Eyeborgs, a Syfy Channel movie about a dark American future.  Well, it’s a little dark, but it’s mostly silly.  In this World, America is monitored by ODIN, a system that links all the Security/Traffic Cameras around into one […]

Terror Week: Hero and the Terror

Chuck Norris can star in Canon Films and still be bad-ass.  Today’s film is Hero and the Terror, a Canon vehicle for the Black-Belt.  It’s a star-studded cast…at least to me.  Aside from Norris, the villain is Jack O’Halloran (aka Non from Superman II), Billy Drago, Ron O’Neal (from Superfly) and Steve James (from American […]

Terror Week: Tower of Terror

Oh, the Terror.  Today’s film is a Made-for-TV Movie designed to market a new attraction- The Tower of Terror.  Remember that one?  It’s basically an elevator that goes up and down a few times…but in a haunted house/building.  Oooh, scary.  Why this ride needed a back-story is beyond me?  They made the movie, so let’s […]

Terror Week: Loch Ness Terror

* Don’t worry- I’ll cover Dracula’s Widow shortly * Well, color me mostly-surprised!  This Sci-Fi/Syfy Channel film is actually pretty decent.  Mind you, I’m used to some seriously-shitty ones, so this is a relative compliment.  I’m used to really awkward effects- i.e. Piranhaconda– or flat-out awful ones- i.e. S.S. Doomtrooper.  These ones- not too shabby. […]