Month: May 2012

Rare Flix: Salem’s Lot

Vampires are alive!  How is this movie so hard to find?  Seriously, Salem’s Lot is generally the highest-regarded of the Stephen King TV Mini-Series’ made.  Granted, it’s more well-liked than The Tommyknockers or The Langoliers, but my point remains the same!  Why did I have to find this film from a site of less-than-good repute […]

Rare Flix: Munchies

I’ve made a terrible mistake.  Today’s film is Munchies.  It’s a rip-off of Ghoulies.  Ghoulies is a rip-off of Gremlins. This film stars a good comedian who could do a lot better.  This is the result… Somewhere in Central America, a scientist- Harvey Korman- and his son- some schmuck- investigate a cave and discover an […]

Rare Flix: Vampirella

Why have you been hiding this from me, World?!?  Today’s film is a Rare Flick.  Why?  Well, nobody has ever really bothered to release it on DVD.  How can you not?  Here’s the rundown: Jim Wynorski, Roger Corman and a comic book property butchered to Hell.  Basically, Vampirella is not-so subtle ‘porn’ for the ’70s […]

Second Viewings

Having been a Netflix user for many years now, I’ve seen a lot of movies (even more than I review here).  At a certain point, I re-watch films, whether it’s ones that I own or ones that I just rent again. How well do the films do on a second viewing?  Let’s see… Dark Star: […]