Month: April 2012

7×7 Link Award for Me!

Someone else gave me an Award?  Awesome!  Let’s get right down to the fun stuff… Before I can truly accept this JPEG…I mean, award, I must follow through with some qualifications… One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Me… 1. For all of the films I’ve seen, there are a lot of classics that I […]

Crap For TV: Piranha (1995)

I have to ask yet again- what was the point?  The 1995 Made-For-TV Remake of Piranha is a bit different.  For example, the cast is different.  That’s pretty much it.  You think I’m exagerrating, but I’m really not.  The film’s plot is nearly identical.  Granted- it is a Remake, but they don’t always have to […]