Month: March 2012

Dean Cain Week: Firetrap

Get ready to burn!  Today’s film is a tale about a thief, some businessmen and a big-ass fire.  It’s a tale as old as time.  Actually, this low-budget affair is much akin to films like The Towering Inferno and Earthquake.  Of course, those films were made in time where Disaster Films were the norm and […]

Dean Cain Week: Militia

Dean Cain Week starts off with a bang!  Actually, it’s a film by Jim Wynorski, but that’s close enough.  Oddly enough, Jim was just starting to really do soft-core ‘Skinemax’ material around this time- 2000- and is actually credited here as ‘Jim Andrews.’  Yes, use your real name for the pseudo-porn and your fake one […]

VHS For The Win: Ghosthouse

As I mentioned in the Teaser, this obscure film has gotten a semi-official re-release in the form of a Rifftrax VOD release.  Let’s see if the VHS box was a selling point for the film… Well, it appears that the house is actually a ghost.  I guess that qualifies as honesty in marketing. Next up, […]

R.I.P. Robert Fuest

It’s hard enough writing these, especially when it’s a Director/Producer/Star that I absolutely adore.  It’s even harder when nobody can quite agree on whether the guy is dead or not! A fellow reviewer mentioned his death in a post and Wikipedia has been updated as such.  However, IMDB is either too lazy to report it […]