Month: January 2012

Wrapping Things Up: Cyborg 2

I’m definitely reviewing it this time!  When I attempted to wrap up some series’ last month, I failed to do one thing: review Cyborg 2.  Yeah, I somehow missed this one.  Let’s amend that right now.  If you have any channel that shows movies, you’ve probably seen Cyborg 2 at least 30 times.  Seriously, I […]

Project Terrible: Ghost Machine

Alas poor everyone.  The final film of my Round of Project Terrible films is one that is actually decent…for a while.  It really goes downhill when the plot is actually explained and executed.  Not a good sign, right?  I feel bad for everyone involved though, since the film is not awful acting-wise.  It’s not great […]

R.I.P. Dr. Hess

News just came out of the passing of Ian Abercrombie.  It’s a loss, obviously. While he had a long career in Hollywood and on television, he’ll always be that evil Dr. Hess from Puppet Master 3. For making it the best film in the bunch IMO, he deserves a lot of praise- especially since it […]

Project Terrible: Project X29A

Alright, let’s see what you’ve got, Bob!  My long-time friend and fellow blogger over at Gaming Creatively really has it out for me.  Is it because I made him watch ‘the High School production of Twilight?’  Is it because I made him watch a movie that makes spies, ninjas and a robot Bigfoot boring?  Is it […]