Month: November 2011

Lost in Translation: Barbarella

This bizarre production is notable for Jane Fonda’s nudity, that freaky organ and giving us the name ‘Duran Duran.’  Speaking of bizarre… To be fair, this is probably the closest poster-to-film comparison.  That said, it still tells you nothing about the film, other than the fact that Jane Fonda does Yoga over the moon. Kudos […]

VHS For The Win: The Power

He-Man, your time is up!  You used to be hoarding this, but now it’s available for all of us…on video cassette… What the hell is this movie about?  I don’t know, but I’m damn curious to find out.  That’s one way to sell video tapes! Next up, a movie about a city in fear of […]

Werewolf Week: War Wolves

Either make an art film or make a werewolf movie!  You could argue that many good Directors- i.e. John Landis, Joe Dante- can mix in other aspects like humor and satire into a werewolf movie with success.  However, crappy Directors- i.e. Michael Worth- cannot.  Today’s film is War Wolves, a movie I watched nearly a […]

A Real Turkey: Undead or Alive

It’s the most zombified time of the year!  I won’t get into any Romero-style political satire here.  Instead, I’ll use this as a flimsy pretense to review my Thanksgiving film, which itself has a flimsy pretense for being such.  Since I won’t touch the most obvious Thanksgiving horror film out there- just because it really […]

Werewolf Week: Big Bad Wolf

I ain’t afraid of no wolves!  Today’s film is an obscure horror film from 2006, a sentence I probably use quite often.  This one, however, surprises me with its lack of fame.  I don’t expect it to be a huge film, but I would think that more people on the Internet would be talking about […]

Werewolf Week: Wolvesbayne

Welcome to Dracula’s Curse!  As weird as this sentence sounds, today’s movie appears to be a rip-off of an Asylum film.  I know, I’m shocked too!  The film in question is Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse, a film I reviewed just over a year ago.  The similarities are so striking that I’m just amazed that anyone […]