Month: July 2011

Project Terrible: Blood Surf

What doesn’t eat you alive, doesn’t kill you.  Today’s film is certainly not good.  However, it is one that I saw part of before on the Sci-Fi Channel (pre-name change).  Thankfully, that desensitized me to a lot of the movie.  Here’s what you need to know: killer crocodile, surfers, model and Quint rip-off.  Yes, despite […]

Project Terrible: Bloodthirst 2- Revenge of the Chupacabras

To see the review of Bloodthirst first, go here.  Make Austria proud! There are many, many things wrong here.  Today’s film is the sequel to Bloodthirst (duh), a film that my colleague- and fellow Project Terrible victim- Maynard Morrisey has already covered.  How did I end up reviewing the sequel and not the original?  It’s quite simple…in […]