Month: April 2011

Project Terrible: Twilight

It’s come to this, hasn’t it?  Thanks to Carl over at I Like Horror Movies (who’s totally spacing on his part due to moving or some crap), I watched the entire (so far) Twilight series.  It’s time to share the pain with you all!  The plot of Twilight is…aw, who am I kidding?  If you […]

VHS For The Win: Squirm

Annelids are not exactly the scariest creatures in the world.  Does Squirm buck that trend?  Let’s see… Oh shit- someone is being eaten!  I do have to wonder whether this is a man with a giant skull or if they just don’t understand what scale is? Next up, we check out the VHS box for […]

Rabbit Day: Kottentail

Peter Rottentail– you’ve got some competition!  After last Easter, I thought that no film would top the utter shit that was the Polonia Brothers’ film.  I’m still not sure if this one did, but it’s definitely a competitor!  This film is Tony Urban, a Director famous for, well, nothing.  He has 6 credits as a […]