Month: March 2011

Foreign Flicks: Power Kids

You got your ass kicked by a ten-year old!  The premise of this Thai martial arts film is simple- kids beat up adults.  There is a little more to this film, but not a lot.  The people behind a whole slew of martial arts films made this movie.  All things considered, the Thai film industry […]

Foreign Flicks: Wolfhound

From Russia with mild apathy.  Today’s film is an import from Russia, which would make it the first one I’ve technically reviewed.  Newer members probably don’t know about an early segment of Stock Footage Hell covering the multiple uses of footage from a single, Russian film made in the 1960s.  This time I’m talking about […]

Rare Flix: Nightmare Sisters

David DeCoteau strikes again!  That gay-but-totally-not-gay director of such films as Witches of the Caribbean and Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy is back with this 1987 film made for a super-low budget. Much like The Terror, this movie was made because a previous film- Sorority Babes in Slime-o-Rama– finished early and had some money […]