Month: February 2011

VHS For the Win: Demoniac

Maniacs and demons are bad enough.  What happens the two of them merge in a ‘perfect storm’ of evil?  Let’s see… “Honey, stop taking your naps in the Graveyard.  I know that playing ‘Alas, Poor Who?’ wears you out, but that’s just not safe.  Oh hi, floating demon eyes.” Next up, you can’t kill what […]

Retro Trash: X The Unknown

Guess who randomly stumbled across a little piece of film history?  Me- that’s who.  The 1958 film The Blob is a classic film that has been imitated and remade a couple of times.  It also made a star out of some guy named Steve McQueen.  However, did you know that someone created a very similar […]

Lock Me Up!: Titanic 2

Are you laughing yet?  If so, you’re approaching this film entirely the wrong way.  Yes, the people behind Alien vs. Hunter, The Da Vinci Treasure and The Day The Earth Stopped made a serious film.  It’s still stupid as hell, but it’s meant to be a real drama.  The plot is simple: a rich guy […]