Month: January 2011

Project Terrible: Zombie Campout

Never has the word ‘Terrible’ been used so appropriately!  Riddle me this, Batman- you’ve got $5 and a hand-held camera.  What do you do?  If you answered ‘become an amateur journalist to uncover the secret wrongs done by those in power,’ you’d be a good person.  If you answered, ‘make the 6,000,000th direct-to-DVD zombie flick […]

VHS For The Win: Shakma

What’s in a name?  If a film about a killer monkey were known by any other, would it still throw it’s feces?  To test that theory, here is… Somebody loved Monkey Shines, I see.  On the plus side, this has the guy from Blue Lagoon and a man who once played an ape- Roddy McDowall. […]

RPGore: Knight Chills

Role-playing with a vengeance!  Honestly, I couldn’t come up with something funnier than this- the actual tagline to the movie!  The Producers were so proud of this word-play that they slapped it on the front of the DVD itself.  That gives you an idea of what kind of quality to expect here, don’t you think?  […]