Month: October 2010

’90s Trash: Unknown Origin

It’s hard to talk about low-budget, direct-to-video films from the 1980s and ’90s without mentioning Roger Corman.  Considering that the last film he really directed was 1990’s Frankenstein Unbound, it is amazing to think that he’s had so much impact.  Well, here’s a bigger number for you: between 1980 and 2000, Corman is credited as […]

The Worst Idea For A Film EVER!

How do you take a disturbing idea that makes Hostel look like The Wizard of Oz and make it worse?  The answer- it’s porn parody! The Human Sexipede.  That’s all I need to say.  It’s real.  People have seen it. See for yourself:–paranormal-activity-2.aspx For the record, ‘No, I will not be reviewing this.’  I just […]

_____th Post Special Collection

With my biggest milestone reached, let’s take a look back at the earlier milestones.  A lot you probably weren’t around when they actually happened, so enjoy. 100th Post: This first Special involves my response to some of the more dubious moments from the classic films Creepshow and Creepshow 2.  It was so controversial that it got […]

Doom House! : House (1986)

The film House is a weird case.  It’s a series that ran for four films and seemed to do alright for itself.  However, most casual fans of horror will not ever bring this up.  Some of them have probably seen it- but they don’t ever talk about it.  In fact, among all the horror series […]