Month: September 2010

Forgotten Toons: Centurions

What is your definition of ‘extreme?’  Is it related to some sport involving seventeen year-olds crashing and wrecking their junk in YouTube videos?  Is it related to an energy drink that’s 80% sugar?  To me, the answer is simple: power.  That’s right- POWER EX-TREME! If you’ve never seen this show, you’re probably confused by that […]

Billy Crap: Billy Jack

Alright, let’s not waste any time here.  After over a decade, Tom Laughlin got a drive-in hit with The Born Losers.  That gave him the pull he needed to get his magnum opus made.  This movie is famous for its preachy nature and silly plot.  There’s no question about that.  The real question is whether […]

Lost in Translation: Willow

There were a lot of fantasy films in the 1980s and a certain film starring Warwick Davis is remembered fondly.  How did Poland view the film though?  Well, you see… Um, you guys seem to be confusing Willow with The Dark Crystal and that with Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings films.  Nice try…um, I […]

Billy Crap: The Born Losers

Who is Tom Laughlin?  To most people, the name means nothing.  However, this man is known by another name- Billy Jack.  Yes, Laughlin starred in and had major input into four films with the character- not counting the fifth one that remains uncompleted since 1985.  The character was basically his way to speak about the […]

VHS For the Win: Evil Laugh

What defines a real killer?  Is it their insanity?  Is it their lust for violence?  Is it their desire to kill anyone having sex?  No, it’s their… Oh shit, the Grim Reaper has upgraded!  Not only that, but he can apparently affect real people, despite being hand-drawn!  We’re all doomed! Next up, we look at […]