Month: August 2010

Lost in Translation: Predator

The French are responsible for existentialism, democracy and puff pastry.  They are also responsible for making our movies looking really weird.  Take this jungle action film for example… That’s not an action movie poster- that’s a Soviet propaganda poster.  I would know, after all.  I guess they did bring him to red Mars about three […]

A General Note or Two

* My schedule has kind of turned to crap recently.  This is almost entirely due to my job getting a lot more hectic with the back-to-school season.  Sadly, this site doesn’t pay me enough to not work an actual job…yet. * Man’s Best Friend and Devil Dog: The Hound from Hell will be up today. […]

VHS For the Win: Junior

With the wave of horror films doing so well on the video market, everyone and their mother tried their hand.  Some of them taunted their rivals however.  This may have been to their detriment though… Here’s…a generic image.  Yeah, this isn’t terrible (although the pun tag-line is), but it does nothing new.  Oh you have […]

Bad Doggy!: Rottweiler

If nothing else, Brian Yuzna films are good for a laugh.  I don’t mean that necessarily in a negative way either, as some of his films- like Bride of Re-Animator and Return of the Living Dead Part III– have some actual humor in them.  So, with that in mind, imagine my shock when I watched […]

Mondo Dictionary: Syfy Opening

Syfy Opening: a scene of pointless death and/or violence that is designed to showcase the title creature/event in the opening. Why do they do this?  Because most of these films are too low-budget to feature the monster/disaster effects for more than a couple minutes at a time.  As a result, they give you one good […]