Month: July 2010

Rare Flix: Blood Beach

In the wake of the bore-fest that was Island Claws, my expectations are not that high for this film.  Like Claws, it’s a fairly-lost ’80s film about monsters, murder and sand.  Does this film appear to have more going for it?  Well, yes- thank God!  For one thing, it features John Saxon, a man whose […]

Rare Flix: Island Claws

At a certain point, you have to think: I’ve seen every kind of giant monster.  I’ve seen giant ants (Them!), beetles (Starship Troopers), grasshoppers (Beginning of the End), bees (Mysterious Island) and spiders(The Giant Spider Invasion)- those are just the bugs!  On top of that, there are giant sharks (Megalodon), Aztec Gods (Q: The Winged […]

Kick Flicks: High Kick Girl

Japan is a weird, weird country.  I know that I’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating.  This leads into today’s film: High Kick Girl.  The film was marketed in a very simple way: here’s a film with hot chicks in short skirts doing high kicks- you fill in the rest.  It’s a simple […]

Forgotten Sequels: Candyman 3

After a surprisingly-good sequel in Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, a decline in quality was guaranteed.  How did it come about?  For one thing, the license was bought by another company.  Secondly, the film was made direct-to-video, as opposed to being released in theaters.  Another thing to note is that Tony Todd took a Co-Producer […]

Lost In Translation: Reanimator

Reanimator is the film that really put both Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs on the map.  It was a cult hit everywhere, including Japan… That’s…that’s how you sell the movie?  You pick a freaky scene from near the end of it?  That scene, no less!  Plus, I’m curious what ‘Zombio’ means. Up next, Japan continues […]