Month: June 2010

Tall Tales: Phantasm III

We’re halfway through the 21-year journey that is the Phantasm series.  What have we learned so far?  We’ve learned that The Tall Man is a freaky dude, that Mike has a case of face-changing disorder and that Reggie is, well Reggie.  After two films, the villainous Mr. Scrimm has killed a bunch of people and […]

Forgotten Toons: Taz-Mania

It’s only fitting that Warner Bros cartoon characters get their own series to focus on.  Bugs Bunny has taken the spotlight on a couple, not to mention Bugs Bunny’s show based on his ‘Duck Dodgers’ character.  More on that show later, though.  Instead, we’re here to talk about a show that seemed to slip under […]

Tall Tales: Phantasm II

A mere nine years after the original film was released- 11 years after it was filmed though-, a sequel was finally made.  Why do some movies take so long to get a sequel out?!?  It’s a shame that there isn’t a giant nerd who makes lists about stuff like that!  The first problem that comes […]

Tall Tales: Phantasm

Don Coscarelli has always been considered one of the most underrated horror directors of the last thirty years.  His works have been unique and varied, ranging from Survival Quest to Bubba Ho-Tep or The Beastmaster.  Of course, what got his name on the map- and kept it there for a while- was the Phantasm series.  […]