Month: May 2010

Rare Flix: 3 Dev Adam!

The Turkish are known for many things, but making quality films is not one of them.  Way back in the early days of the site (all 400ish days ago), I wrote about a Mondo Macabro release known as Tarkan vs. The Vikings.  That was one of my first forays into Turkish Pop Cinema, but it […]

Rare Flix: Class of 1999

If someone made a sequel to a film that nobody saw, does it make a sound?  That’s the question raised by today’s film, the sequel to a film called Class of 1984.  That film was made in 1982…which is kind of silly.  The movie is about a teacher trying to deal with a school full […]

Rare Flix: Maximum Overdrive

There’s a reason that novelists don’t usually become directors.  As Alan Moore will tell you if you can dig him out of his bunker, the printed word is a completely different medium than the visual one.  Most of them just don’t have the initiative or skills to do it.  Michael Crichton is pretty much the […]

Lost and Found: Necromania

The Story In 1971, Ed Wood was in the very low-point of his career.  As I’ve discussed before, his lack of success in mainstream films drove him to work on porn films.  Yes, he even appeared in a couple.  If you recall my review of One Million AC/DC, they were not exactly pleasant.  This film […]

WTF Germany?!?: Scratch

My short history with German killer rat films has been tumultuous.  I bet that’s the first time you’ve heard that sentence before, huh?  Last month, my plan was to watch the two films: Revenge of the Rats and today’s film.  As the month was approaching it’s close, this film was not becoming available, continuing to […]