Month: January 2010

Blockbuster Trash: Pulse II

We’re hitting upon the direct-to-DVD sequel territory now, the darkest area you can go to as a movie reviewer.  These things are usually lower-budget, lacking in stars and barely-related.  On top of that, you risk wandering into Remake-quel territory.  If you need any proof, I will sight 8MM 2 and Wargames 2: The Omega Code.  […]

Syndicated Incorporated: Cobra

A television show starring Michael Dudikoff- sign me up!  But, before that, a bit of history. This series was made in the mid-1990s and was originally supposed to be called ‘Viper.’  However, Dodge through their car licensing behind another show, complicating the mess.  That show got the name Viper (future entry if it ever gets […]

Cop Land: Cyborg Cop

We’re near the end of Law Enforcement Week, so it’s about time I covered a film by Sam Firstenberg.  This is the man who directed American Ninja 1-2, so expectations are- naturally- high.  Fun fact: Firstenberg directed a real Delta Force movie and the first of the Operation Delta Force series, a knock-off.  As I […]

Cop Land: Samurai Cop

Another bad movie about an action star playing a law enforcement officer- hurray!  This one comes to us from 1989, although it was not exactly a big movie.  According to stories, this movie was found in a vault over in some Italian guy’s villa.  Is that true?  Who knows?  The thing is this: all of […]

R.I.P. Tangina

Unfortunately, the world is bereft of another horror film icon. Zelda Rubinestein lived a nice, long life and went peacefully.  Considering the ‘Poltergeist Curse,’ that is a big blessing.  She will be missed.

Cop Land: Full Eclipse

Oh Jim Wynorski, can I never escape you?  In fairness, I actually did not know that this was one of his films until I started to watch it.  Good surprise or bad surprise- you decide!  This is a film about police officers who take an extra kick in order to get an edge on the […]