Month: October 2009

Last Chance For Horror

Today is Thursday and for all you Netflix users- like myself- it is your last day to adjust your Queue to get some horror movies delivered on Halloween. As such, here are some solid recommendations from yours truly…who will be working on Halloween night. Whoopedy-freaking do. Demons/Demons 2: Two solid choices, although one of them […]

Mondo Trivia: Gacy (2003)

*The lead role of John Wayne Gacy Jr. was played by Mark Holton, known by most people as the spoiled man-child who tries to steal Pee-Wee’s bike in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure! I defy you to watch that film the same way after learning this news! I mean, I don’t blame Mr. Holton, since he is […]

WTF China?!?: Evil Cat

When I was researching my most successful blog to date- the Top 12 Weirdest Japanese Movie Monsters- I stumbled across this movie. I did not use it there since, well, it is Chinese. Even so, it is really odd and definitely needs some attention. It is mostly a horror film, but with some regional comedy […]

Decology: Jason Goes To Hell

The word ‘final’ gets thrown a lot these days. We have DC Comics’ Final Crisis, the Final Fantasy series and, of course, ‘The Final Countdown.’ Today I am going to cover one part of the Friday the 13th series, which just happens to have two films with the word ‘Final’ in the title! How much […]