Month: August 2009

Wuxia Week: Duel of the Century

For the uninitiated, Wuxia is the term used for fantastical Chinese films- almost always kung-fu- that were huge in the 1970s. As the great IFC documentary of Chinese Cinema discussed, the thing was so big that directors would shoot three movies a day, alternating between breakfast, lunch and dinner. These films were almost all period […]

Thai Dynamite: Demon Warriors

Certain ideas are universal, like peace, love and understanding. Or, in movie terms, stuff like ‘guy meets girl,’ ‘a boy becomes a man’ and ‘military gives werewolf metal skin for no good reason.’ However, when a movie comes along that- for better or for worse- feels really unique in its story and presentation, you take […]

Beard Power: Firewalker

Buddy comedies are a genre in and of themselves now, thanks to such pioneers as Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan and Jay Leno (the star of Collision Course). Like pies, not all of them are made equally. This is the case when you try to force two people not known for comedy (intentional, at least) into […]