Month: July 2009

Rare Flix: Scanner Cop

The word ‘serendipity’ is thrown around a lot these days. Mind you, it is by poet-laureates, but still. As luck…nay, fate would have it, I came from hanging out with my friends on Sunday night and found my brother about to watch a movie. The following words came out of my mouth, delivered with genuine […]

Guns Guns Guns!: Mean Guns

Much like the last film, this movie is all about shooting. It also has it’s share of stabbings, beatings and explosions too though. It comes from the mind of Albert Pyun, a director with a fairly-dubious reputation. He is the man behind such film as Captain America and Alien from L.A. Yeah, it’s a movie […]

Guns Guns Guns!: Gunmen

What do you get when you mix a black action star, a soon-to-be-famous action writer/director and Christopher Lambert? If you guessed, a really good movie, you would be quite a bit off. Instead, you get an action movie featuring the stars of Highlander 3 and featuring Dennis Leary as a hit man. Close enough! On […]

Bi-Polar Theater: Hundra

I was legitimately-surprised by this one. I thought that I knew what to expect. 80s barbarian movies (lady or male) are anything if not predictable. As a man who has seen the entire Deathstalker series, the crappy remake/sequel and one half of the Barbarian Queen series, I thought that this movie would be same old, […]