Month: June 2009

Undead Pantheon: Evil

Every country needs their own zombie film. Italy has dozens (Zombi 2-5), England has a couple (28 Days Later) and even France has one (The Grapes of Death). Hell, even Australia has one (The Undead). So what happens when the great island nation of Greece made one? Find out in my review of… To Kako […]

Zombie-A-Go-Go: Zombi 4

I always laugh a little when talking about the Zombi ‘series.’ In no way are any of the films connected. They have different stars, directors (since Fulci deserted Zombi 3) and no common plot threads. Even bad series’ like Critters and the later Halloween films had continuity of some sort. These random films about different […]

Alien(s) Ant Farm: Xtro III

It is almost bittersweet to finish up this series. We have reached the end- there is no more. What will we do without bad 80s alien movies to talk about? What’s that? There are two Guyver films. Well…it’s a start. In the meantime, let’s finish up this bunch of stinkers with my review of… Xtro […]

Absurdity for Kids: Pom Poko

Disney has a long history of buying up other films to buffer their own catalog. Sometimes it works out great- the series of Miyazaki films such as Spirited Away, etc. Of course, they have also stolen movies- such as The Lion King. Amongst all of these works, one film was released here and, let’s just […]