Month: March 2009

Fun Facts: Bela Lugosi

Given that I am a giant nerd, I thought that I should share some fun tid-bits of information with you. Just to slowly turn you into what I have become. Think of this like a knowledge cocoon. Wait! Don’t do that! That’s just weird. Anyhow, today’s factoids relate to one man: Bela Lugosi*Bela got famous […]

WTF Japan?!?: Battle Royale

This is the last one, so enjoy it while you can. I mean, sure it’s going to be a regular update in the future, but…it’s still important. Dammit. Today’s film combines Japan’s two favorite things: children and murder. That’s all I really need to say, isn’t it. I bring you… Battle Royale The title gives […]

WTF Japan?!?: 964 Pinocchio

Leave it to Japan to mess with a classic children’s fairy tale. Of course, as we learn when we get older, there is some twisted elements to them. These guys just amp those up and make you feel even more awkward. Please enjoy… 964 Pinocchio You’re scared already, aren’t you? Well, be afraid-be very afraid. […]

Really, movie?!?: Sirens

Movies are often rife with stupid or way too convenient moments. What happens when a movie is only those stupid moments though? This is the case today in… Sirens The movie, in a short summary, is about evil, monster hookers. Before you rush off to rent it, hear me out. This movie sucks. It sucks […]